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Solar technology reviews

Solar technology review

Our solar technology reviews increase investor confidence in your company and products, which can help you secure new clients and reduce the cost of financing.

In order to ensure investor confidence in your company or products, potential investors want to know how well a product performs, its reliability, a company’s reputation or stage of industry maturity. DNV GL’s solar technology reviews are an industry recognized approach that examine the questions of most interest to potential investors and presents the findings in the context of industry best practice.

Our solar technology review adds value. An independent technology review by our recognized experts can identify and help mitigate potential risks, assess the strengths and weakness of your products and processes, and highlight your competitive edge.  

Independent solar technology review
Our review process includes analysis of the design, performance, reliability, operations, maintenance, and regulatory compliance of the product. Third party test data is heavily considered when forming a position on a product and our state-of-the-art PV module & inverter test labs can be leveraged during this process. In addition, the supply chain, manufacturing, quality, process controls, and warranty are assessed.

Our technology review methods involve an interactive review of product documentation, discussion with product engineers, and visits to the manufacturing facility and operating product sites. The end result is a professional independent report that you can present to your customers and those financing your projects. 

DNV GL can also support you in becoming more competitive in the market place through a host of other advisory consulting, including: 

  • Design best practices 
  • Reliability test protocols 
  • Risk assessment
  • Technology roadmaps – to enhance your company’s long-term technology plans 
  • Review of product demonstration and commercial installation sites
  • Third party independent lab and field testing

A world of expertise
Our turnkey solar technology review service is delivered globally, and draws on a breadth of understanding in all solar technologies. By working with DNV GL, you gain access to the knowledge and experience of industry experts in fields such as, thin film and crystalline silicon PV modules, micro-inverters and dc converters, utility-scale central inverters, fixed tilt and tracking support structures, and cutting edge energy storage products.

Our teams understand how your products integrate within a PV system. Our reviews can increase stakeholder confidence in your product’s performance.

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Smitty Ovitt

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