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Substation automation profile definition and verification

Substation automation profile definition and verification

DNV GL helps utilities attaining equipment interoperability continuity with training and customised standards profile definition and verification

Expert support in defining and verifying standards-based communication profiles helps you ensure interoperability in substation automation
As grids and electricity meters become smarter, automation and communication become more important. The equipment market in this area is very diverse, so interoperability is essential. Hence, utilities increasingly have to implement substation automation based on open IEC standards (such as IEC 61850 or 60870-5). However, simply asking vendors to implement a certain standard doesn’t guarantee interoperability. And any refurbishment, changes or maintenance will be expensive due to vendor-specific solutions.

Helping you from standard to profile
Our substation automation profile definition and verification services help you solve this challenge. You can draw on our extensive practical experience to better understand the IEC 61850 and 60870-5 standards and the benefits they bring you. 

We are the first company to offer a complete, independent audit of your automation and communications requirements. This includes full training backed up with hands-on support via workshops. In this way, we help you identify which parts of the relevant standard are applicable to your situation, and build a personalised communications profile. Your customised profile – covering a subset of the relevant standard – defines clear and unambiguous requirements, helping you ensure compliance during vendor and equipment selection. Finally, you can call on our wide range of verification services such as validation of conformance and interoperability  according to IEC 61850 and 60870-5.

Key benefits

  • Interoperability between substation components
  • Reduced costs
  • Risk mitigation
  • Vendor and supplier independence
  • Better understanding of open IEC communication standards
  • Streamlined tendering and procurement processes
  • IEC standards conformance
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