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Supplier due diligence for energy storage

Supplier due diligence for energy storage

DNV GL provides a critical review of your energy storage supplier so you know they can fulfil their obligations

There are many new players, new technologies and service offerings entering the energy storage market. This can result in uncertainty when you choose a supplier – you need to be sure that they are capable of providing the services and products they offer. Otherwise you may face any number of problems including technical issues, project delays, and financial loss.

Giving you confidence
To give you confidence, we carry out a due diligence on the energy storage system supplier you are proposing to use. The critical review can be made for a new or existing site and can cover the whole energy storage system or only individual components, such as the cells or control system. Our experts evaluate the supplier on a variety of aspects, such as:

  • Supply chain and manufacturing capabilities
  • Health and safety record
  • Quality and environmental management systems
  • Previous customer references and installations
  • Technical competency of the supplier’s team.

We then make a recommendation on the suitability of the supplier regarding the asset(s) concerned.

Global supplier overview
We have a global overview of different suppliers enabling us to perform a comprehensive comparison. Furthermore, we combine broad technical expertise with a deep understanding of the evolution of both the technology and the suppliers’ manufacturing processes.

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