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Synergi Electric - Protection over-current protective devices

Advanced modelling environment for over-current protective devices

Protection - over-current protective devices

The Synergi Electric Protection software module provides the most advanced modelling environment for over-current protective devices. Engineers can quickly evaluate and manage extensive and complex protection schemes for hundreds or thousands of radial distribution feeders. The Protection application can be run as a Synergi module or as a standalone protection coordination tool.

What you get

  • Engineering software for distribution utility protection, planning, operations and reliability
  • Powerful tools and applications for coordination and evaluation of system performance
  • Models for breakers, reclosers, fuses, and other devices are core to the detailed Synergi Electric distribution model for contingency, reliability, arc-flashover, and other analysis
  • A comprehensive analysis tool to evaluate device coordination on a large scale
  • Switching in model based on normal or emergency switch plans, real-time updates from a SCADA system, the result of an engineering analysis or from manual switching

Key benefits of the Protection software module

  • Control and response curves for various device models on standard log-log graphs with plotted devices directly from the model, not a curve list – this allows you to evaluate many facets of protection equipment performance
  • Rule base is extensive with over 80 validation criteria – can be extended with new rules upon request
  • Detailed models:
    - Breakers and reclosers
    - Electronic, electromechanical, hydraulic relays
    - Expulsion and current limiting fuses
    - Sectionalizers
    - Transformer connections and current shifting
    - Transformer inrush, and damage
    - Conductor damage & flash-over energy

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