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Synergi Gas - Customer Management

Synegi Gas - Customer Management

Provides a link between Synergi Gas and your customer information system (CIS)

Customer Management

The Customer Management module is a software tool that provides a link between Synergi Gas and your customer information system (CIS) and establishes a relationship between weather, individual customer load and customer location.

What you get

  • Assigns customer location automatically using coordinate location, service address, manual assignment or other sources such as a geospatial information system (GIS) where available
  • Identifies proper main when multiple mains are in close proximity to a customer coordinate
  • Considers pressure codes, diameter or pipe material during the customer assignment process
  • Scheduling function defines multiple assignment passes, enabling you to quickly review a list of customers that were assigned during each pass
  • Calculates weather-dependent loading for each customer using one or more weather parameters such as average daily temperature, wind speed, and so on

Proven forecasting engine

Customer Management module’s load factor engine is built on 20 years of experience in forecasting customer demand. The load factors results are constantly benchmarked against recorded flow data.

With Customer Management module you can

  • Analyse historical gas usage patterns for each customer to determine respective base and heating and cooling factors
  • Display customer data and identify major loads in a selected area
  • Identify customers affected by service interruptions or system changes
  • Create customer lists for outages, adjust model loading by temperature, reassign customers using drag and drop functionality and create custom reports for system planning designs     

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