Synergi Gas - Estate Design

Enables you to assess pipe size options for your models

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Synegi Gas - Estate Design

Estate Design

The Estate Design module is a software tool that enables you to assess pipe size options for your model with specified location, loading conditions and cost of material and installation. It is designed to calculate and report the lowest possible pipe diameter capable of transporting sufficient quantities of gas to required delivery points safely and reliably.

What you get

  • Enables you to determine a low cost design for new estate areas
  • Quick analysis of system design – avoid over-design
  • Ability to use scanned builders plans, CAD drawings as geo background for Synergi Gas model build and design
  • Diversity formulae and a mixing formula are used for network analysis or design
  • Demands can be specified in terms of numbers of customers, customer type and estimated annual consumption
  • Corrects for altitude effects
  • Automatically sizes pipes to give near minimum cost while ensuring that all pressures are above a minimum design pressure

Piping solutions

The Estate Design module operates in single-pressure level networks on data and criteria you provide.

  • Current and possible piping configurations
  • Load distribution including the design criteria of maximum and minimum allowable velocity for the decision pipes
  • Pipe installation parameters including internal diameter, material type and installation cost per unit length. Using this data and criteria, EDM determines which set of pipes satisfy your specified pressure constraints