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Synergi Gas - Regulator Station

Synegi Gas - Regulator Station

Protects your distribution systems against overpressure conditions

Regulator Station

The Regulator Station module is a software tool that helps you ensure that each of your distribution systems is adequately protected against unexpected overpressure conditions. The Regulator Station module will also support monitoring and reporting on system safety equipment, to ensure you are in compliance with internal guidelines and external regulations.

What you get

  • Support to ensure protection against overpressure
  • Monitoring and reporting on system safety equipment
  • Better and more efficient oversight of compliance status
  • Detailed station analysis

With Regulator Station module you can

  • Access an extensive equipment catalogue including regulators, relief valves, in-line valves, and station piping to help you efficiently build regulator stations
  • Identify and correct insufficent overpressure protection or flow restrictions within regulator stations
  • Analyse the effects of critical relief valve piping on station pressures and overall relief capacity
  • Generate detailed station analysis reports to keep  your company in compliance
  • Reduce manpower required to maintain data and generate compliance reports
  • Improve system equipment safety and reliability through efficient regulator station management
  • Integrate with Synergi Gas model data to facilitate regulator station maintenance, capacity analysis and to quickly assess the impact of minimum inlet pressures to your stations

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