Synergi Pipeline Simulator - Trainer

Safe and efficient pipeline operator performance

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Synergi Pipeline Simulator Trainer software for hydraulic modelling of pipeline design

Simulator for pipeline operators - Trainer

Trainer provides a realistic training solution that helps you train and maintain your staff to appropriate levels and also demonstrates competence in-line with HSE and legislative requirements. Trainer software is based on the transient simulation model in Synergi Pipeline Simulator with control room style graphics.

What you get with the Trainer software module

  • Multiple users/multiple scenarios
  • Interactive training
  • Safer, more efficient and productive operations
  • Operator qualification with full auditing capability
  • Full replication of SCADA GUI for realistic ‘flight simulator’ style training
  • Less training time, lower costs

Key benefits of Trainer software module

  • Ensures that your pipeline controllers are fully trained to recognize and respond effectively to emergency situations
  • Provides a safe environment to expose controllers to abnormal operating conditions
  • Analogous to flight simulator used to train airline pilots with realistic look and feel
  • Compliance with HSE and legislative requirements