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Technical due diligence of renewable projects

Technical due diligence for renewables projects

DNV GL provides technical due diligence, acting as an independent engineer for project developers and financiers in renewable power

DNV GL can act as an Independent Engineer (IE) to conduct technical due diligence for investors in renewable power projects. This gives you reassurance that the assumptions in the project’s pro forma financial statements are technically sound and that the project is grid code compliant.

Our experts can assess the risks associated with the design of the project’s transmission and distribution facilities, and their integration into the existing grid. This includes reviewing any existing grid interconnection studies and expected levels of curtailment and / or transmission congestion.

Comprehensive overview

Typically, we take a holistic approach including a facility-wide risk assessment that covers both the energy resource (wind speed or isolation ) and the technology (such as wind turbines and solar collectors).

Based on this, we review and identify potential material risks related to grid code compliance, grid-related curtailment, potential forced outages and future O&M expenses.

This service is available in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. In each of these regions, our experts have local knowledge, so they can take local grid code requirements into account.

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Martijn Maandag

Martijn Maandag

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