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Transmission and distribution project risk management

Transmission & Distribution project risk management

Increased likelihood of achieving objectives by managing risk in capital investment projects.

Uncertainty in project investment arises from a wide range of sources, and at different points in time during the project lifecycle. If you ignore these uncertainties when you make decisions, it can undermine the project before it even starts. In the worst case, it can prevent you from achieving your business goals. DNV GL’s risk management services can help you secure your project’s performance by addressing your risks from optimal conception to completion.

Dealing with uncertainties in projects is not only about minimizing negative impact, but also about maximising the potential. By using our proven methodologies in combination with our domain expertise, we address critical issues in each project phase through a structured, systematic approach. We provide you with a thoroughly investigated and qualified basis for your investment decisions throughout the total life cycle of the project.

Depending on your specific needs, DNV GL can support you with tailored advisory services throughout the whole life cycle of your project, or serve as an independent third-party assessment services provider in individual phases.

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Venkata Surya Viswanadham

Lead Senior Consultant, Regional Transmission Compliance & Business Development

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