DNV GL offers interdisciplinary expertise to support your tunnelling works.

Working under permanent pressure is a big challenge for workers, operators and the technology used. To cover all aspects of tunnelling, you need a partner who can provide full-service support.

Our comprehensive expertise in the field of pressure and underwater technology makes us uniquely qualified to support you at all stages of your tunnelling works.

Our service portfolio covers:

  • Test and certification of air locks
  • Certification of components used in tunnelling machines according to the EU Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and further standards
  • Assistance in the development of safety concepts for working under pressure
  • Engineering services like feasibility studies, risk assessments, FEM calculations and guidance for achieving conformity
  • Tailored training courses for working personnel
  • Certification for welders, welding procedures and welding under hyperbaric conditions
  • Approval of safe transport and storage of tunnelling equipment

You can rely on DNV GL to maximise the efficiency of your tunnelling works:

  • Interdisciplinary support for your project, saving you time and money
  • Reputable DNV GL certification enhancing trust and confidence with your customers
  • Expert support from our experienced specialists for pressure, underwater and welding technology

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