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Sesam CAESES - model, solve and optimize designs upfront

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Sesam CAESE software -model, solve and optimize designs upfront

Upfront CAE software system

Sesam CAESES (previously FRIENDSHIP-Framework) is an “Upfront CAE” system that empowers engineers to achieve product designs with best-in-class performance. With the simulation-driven design of Sesam CAESES you can improve hydro- or aerodynamic performance, for example to achieve lower resistance and reduce pressure drop.

What you get

  • Ideal modelling, integration and automation framework
  • Based on a powerful and flexible 3D parametric modeller (Upfront CAD)
  • Can be coupled with existing CFD codes or other evaluation codes to act as a flexible CAE environment for the integration of many different tools
  • Higher energy efficiency of designs such as ship hulls, propellers, engines and turbo-machinery, improving environmental and business performance

Comprehensive Upfront CAE system

Engineers designing components or products featuring performance critical shapes, such as turbo-machinery blades, ship hulls, offshore structures or engine parts, need to assess countless design variants in order to assess which designs allow optimal performance and efficiency. With Sesam CAESES we break the rules of traditional development and unleash design innovation. The processing, and optimization and assessment.

CAESES – Computer Aided Engineering System Empowering Simulation

With Sesam CAESES software you can carry out numerous simulations in an automated sequence to achieve design optimization. Sesam CAESES has strong integration capabilities that enable you to utilize any simulation tool that can be run in batch mode and, naturally, other Sesam modules (e.g. HydroD). Multiple modules can be involved allowing for complex simulation scenarios.