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Improve your utility asset management and condition based maintenance to maximize equipment lifetimes with Cascade software

Utility asset management for electric grid

Utility asset management enables electric utilities to monitor critical assets, tracking age, usage, maintenance history and a range of other variables. With a utility asset management system that relies on data analytics and condition based maintenance, the risk of equipment failure is minimized, while equipent lifetimes are maximized. The results are seen in gained efficiency, lower emissions and reduced costs, with maximum uptime and reliability of service for end users.

Cascade utility asset management software is developed specifically for energy utilities. Cascade supports technical asset management and predictive maintenance, allowing you to optimize operations and assets in the most cost-effective way, increasing reliability, proving and managing compliance.

Condition based maintenance software - Cascade

  • A condition-based approach to component maintenance and compliance, including predictive maintenance and preventive maintenance
  • By combining utility asset management data on the condition and criticality of all your electric utility assets, it allows you to prioritize condition based maintenance where it will be most effective
  • Combines asset condition data (such as Doble test, oil analysis, relay testing, thermography, and visual inspection reads) with real-time operational data to support condition based maintenance approach
  • Complete, current information on the health and risk of your key, business-critical electric utility assets
  • Draws on over 20 years of DNV GL experience in technical asset management and reliability

Substation asset management

Substation asset management concerns the operation, maintenance and management of substation assets, such as transformers and breakers. A substation asset management engineer must ensure substation assets are optimally managed to provide the highest levels of system reliability at lowest possible costs. Some of the most common processes used to meet these goals are condition based maintenance, predictive maintenance and asset lifecycle planning. Cascade gives asset managers and substation asset management engineers fingertip access to technology that combines asset condition data with real-time operational data to support a condition based maintenance approach.

Easy access to asset and maintenance information with Cascade Viewer

Stakeholders across your utility need quick access to asset technical information and maintenance orders. Cascade Viewer is a dynamic web-based solution that gives you an immediate view of the asset and maintenance information in Cascade, clearly presented within a relevant context. Data access is secure and the displays are organized to provide the most common information needed in a single view, with drill-down capability where needed.

Cascade for electric utility asset management

  • Consolidates equipment diagnostics, nameplate, and real-time data, providing a true picture of equipment status for substation asset management
  • Integrates and prevents departmental data siloes
  • Lets you identify the impact of potential equipment failures on your organizational operability
  • Allows you to prioritize condition based maintenance while avoiding unnecessary and costly interventions with optimized substation asset management
  • Helps you ensure that critical maintenance and testing is not overlooked, using predictive maintenance and preventive maintenance for substation asset management
  • Easily integrated directly with most leading enterprise resource planning (ERP and EAM) systems and utility-specific software suites interfaces with a wide variety of test equipment as well as real-time and asset repository data
  • Provides standardized interfaces for tools from leading industry diagnostics providers including Doble Test Assistant, Delta-X (Transformer Oil Analyst), Powerbase, and thermography for FLIR or Fluke cameras
  • Allows SCADA and online-monitoring data to be automatically evaluated and captured as equipment reads
  • Includes flexible licensing options to fit nearly any implementation, large or small, and in support of simple or advanced electric utility asset management, substation asset management and predictive and condition based maintenance strategies
  • System implementation of Cascade utility asset management software includes professional service options covering introductory workshops on condition based maintenance software, the necessary planning, data migration and import, installation, training, technical configuration and advice, and enterprise system integrations

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All our field staff and asset management staff have a good understanding of the condition of our assets
Vince Polsoni,
  • (Former) Manager, Station Sustainment
  • Alectra Utilities

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