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Components for power automation are, after a long time of use in office environments, introduced in substation and power plant environments.

Components for power automation are, after a long time of use in office environments, introduced in substation and power plant environments.

Reliable communication
Power automation serving electric supply locations often require special high voltage protection against the effects of fault-produced ground potential rise and induced voltages. Some of the power automation services are used for control and protective relaying purposes and may be called upon to perform critical operations at times of power system faults. This presents a major challenge in the design and protection of the power automation systems because power system faults can result in the introduction of interfering voltages and currents into the power automation circuit at the very time when the circuit is most urgently required to perform its function. Even when critical services are not involved, special high-voltage protection may be required for both personnel safety and plant protection at times of power system faults.

Operation environment
With the ongoing development of electronic components with faster processors, bigger memories, smaller components and decreasing power consumption power automation components may be sensitive to its environment (EMC, mechanical and climatic). Electronic circuits may be influenced by temperature and may be disturbed by continues and transient electromagnetic phenomena. During normal operation and maintenance power automation components will be subjected to continues and transient electromagnetic phenomena; radio frequency transmitters may be in the neighbourhood, a maintenance engineer can be electrostatic charged and will use his mobile phone. Switching operations of disconnectors and circuit breakers produce oscillatory waves and fast transients in the power and signal cables. Lightning strikes cause surges in the primary and secondary installations.

For power automation equipment IEC 61850-3, IEEE 1613 and the IEC 60870 series are most applicable to prove that the equipment withstand the tough environmental conditions.

DNV GL has many decades of experience in functional and environmental testing and certification of protection and substation automation equipment. In addition to testing and certification, we are specialized in technical-economic consultancy, inspection, the determination of condition of components and cable diagnostic, dynamic grid management and failure investigation. We are active members in standardization committees. We have the expertise to answer all your questions about protection relays and substation automation equipment. Our multidisciplinary teams think actively and critically along with you. Together with you we will quickly find customized and concrete solutions.

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