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Verification services for load shedding

Verification services for load shedding

In accordance with the requirements and procedures of TERNA

According to the National Program of interruptible loads, TERNA requires each participant to verify the functionality of their installation.

The role of DNV GL
DNV GL, has developed a complete service portfolio for the verification of the units involved in load shedding activities. To this end, we have an Italian team of engineers able to respond to customer requirements in a short time: flexibility and expertise are the characteristics that distinguish the load shedding units verification services offered by DNV GL.

The verification process of load shedding units
DNV GL performs the verification services respecting the requirements outlined by TERNA. There are four main phases in the verification program:

1) Preparation
In this first phase, DNV GL requires sending the specific documentation related to the load shedding units and electrical installations related to the system.

2) Verification of documents
The documentation provided is studied and analyzed by DNV GL.

3) On-site inspection
One or more DNV GL engineers visit the plant for inspection by executing tests, measurements and inspections. The DNV GL test software UniGrid Telecontrol Simulator is connected to the control units in order to simulate the TERNA control center.

4) Reporting
At the end of the inspection, DNV GL issues a verification report that is delivered electronically to the customer and TERNA, which will form the basis for any future visits.

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