Vibration analysis of machinery and equipment

Vibration analysis of machinery equipment

Our expert vibration analysis helps avoid excessive vibration affecting the operability of machinery and equipment on your vessel.

The moment an on board machine or piece of equipment fails, the owner is faced with unexpected downtime of the vessel and repair costs that can add up to a high sum – a situation that should be avoided whenever possible.

Our extensive experience and expertise in vibration analysis means you have a competent partner on your side for ensuring the integrity of your vessel’s machinery and equipment. 

Our analysis covers:

  • Definition of appropriate design frequencies
  • Computation of excitation forces and operational deflection shapes
  • Reasonable assumptions (boundary conditions, mass application)
  • Advice regarding  the most cost-effective modification proposals

Complex structures such as diesel engines, combined with resilient mounts, thrusters, rudders and more, can all be investigated using our state-of-the-art tools and expert analysis methods.

Furthermore, we also receive continuous feedback from operations and class surveys. This provides us with valuable input, enabling us to further expand our knowledge base and continuously fine-tune our methods.  

Let DNV GL show you how to keep your ship running for longer with vibration analysis:

  • Reduce future maintenance and repair costs by minimising the risk of extensive vibration on machinery and components
  • Maintain operational availability of machinery and equipment, thus ensuring low downtimes
  • Ensure compliance to DNV GL Comfort Class, ISO 6954, MLC, 2006, NORSOK or other relevant standards 
  • Receive a realistic assessment of the cost–benefit ratio of structural alterations or modification of the propulsion plant
  • Benefit from the reliability that comes with over 40 years of experience in vibration analysis

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