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Virtual met data

Virtual Meterological Data

Mesoscale weather modelling is an accurate and cost-effective data source for identifying and assessing potential wind farm locations.

Information on local weather conditions is a vital input when planning a new wind energy project. But as renewable energy development spreads into emerging markets and offshore locations, this data isn’t always available – or easily accessible. Project developers could install their own meteorological masts, but the costs can often be prohibitive.

Virtual wind measurements
Our Virtual met data service offers a more cost-efficient alternative. It uses advanced Monte Carlo methods to carry out mesoscale modelling of meteorological conditions. The resulting virtual wind measurements can act as long-term data reference for identifying suitable sites for your renewable energy farm.

Virtual met data can be used to:

  • Map wind conditions where no measurement data exists
  • Identify possible locations for renewable energy projects
  • Assess the feasibility of potential sites
  • Determine positions for met masts
  • Add longer-term wind time series information to a met mast log
  • Provide a historical view of local weather conditions 

Tailor-made service
No two renewable projects are the same, so we provide a world class tailored service for each customer and project. Our experts work closely with you to identify your specific needs and develop a package that meets them. Packages can include:

  • Mesoscale wind maps
  • Mesoscale time series

For maximum flexibility, results can be supplied in a range of file formats. This tailor-made approach ensures you get results that are accurate and relevant – in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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Daran Rife

Daran Rife

Head of Mesoscale Modeling

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