Virtual Trial

Virtual Trial by DNV GL

Analyse and benchmark your vessel’s hydrodynamic performance with automated, full-scale CFD simulations.

The Virtual Trial application from DNV GL allows you to analyse, compare and benchmark design variants with respect to power demand. Simply upload the hull geometry file and define your operating profile. Virtual Trial then conducts full-scale computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations, utilizing a VoF-RANSE (Volume of Fluid Reynolds-averaged Navier–Stokes equations) solver to assess the hydrodynamic performance of the vessel. 

As no CFD-specific input is required, Virtual Trial can be launched in complete anonymity by anybody. Within one week, a web-based report, including a performance benchmark against database designs, is generated. 

Virtual Trial can be used by design offices and shipyards to analyse and benchmark their designs. Shipowners can utilize Virtual Trial to compare different design proposals quickly and consistently. For ships in service, the results can serve as a performance certificate to show potential charterers that the vessel has undergone a transparent efficiency assessment.

Choose Virtual Trial from DNV GL to help you improve your vessel’s performance:

  • Consistent evaluation and benchmarking of design proposals in newbuilding and retrofit projects
  • The ability to track design changes and evaluate their impact during the design process
  • Transparent efficiency assessment to win charters (performance certificate)
  • Power demand data for fleet performance monitoring
  • Resistance and wake data for propeller design (newbuilding and retrofit)
  • Second-hand market consulting
  • Reduced lead time and costs
  • The option to share results with others, while keeping your hull lines confidential  
  • A fully digital service – from data submission to reporting
  • Web-based reporting combining tabular data with graphical information to support the understanding of the flow characteristics
  • An embedded 3D viewer to see every detail of the flow and better understand the results

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