Water hammer analysis - LIQT - Synergi Water

Water hammer analysis - Synergi Water LIQT software module

Perform water hammer analysis, plan for events, improve reliability and understand complex fluid dynamics

Water hammer analysis

LIQT transient analysis software for water hammer analysis provides analytical intelligence to help operators and engineers design pipe networks to avoid catastrophic events caused by pump failures and valve operations. Transient events can be managed by provisioning of surge equipment and safe operation planning with the use of the industry proven LIQT software. In the event of a pipe failure event, LIQT software can provide useful insight in post mortem analysis to determine the cause. LIQT helps operators with many complex fluid dynamics problems.

What you get with LIQT module in Synergi Water

  • Water hammer analysis
  • Identify critical locations of surge devices
  • Size of surge stand pipes and drums
  • Determine relief valve locations
  • Dynamic controllers
  • Vapor cavity formation and collapse

Reduce risk of damage to pipe networks

Many utilities and pipeline operators are dealing with ageing assets. Transient events can have catastrophic impacts to pipe assets. Pump failures, valve operations and operator error can lead to hydraulic transients or water hammer and damage pipe networks.

Key benefits of Synergi Water - LIQT

  • Safe start up and shut down operations
  • Proper selection and placement of surge devices
  • Improve reliability by avoiding catastrophic events
  • Save costs by properly protecting the system
  • Enables water hammer analysis
  • Fully integrates with Synergi Water software

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