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Synergi Water Calibration software module

Reduce the time and cost of model calibration

Synergi Water Calibration

Calibration is a software tool that lets you significantly reduce the time and cost of calibrating a model. Calibration uses genetic algorithms to evaluate thousands of possible calibration scenarios and move toward a solution.

What you get with the Calibration module

  • Calibration of pipe friction, roughness and diameter
  • Calibration of system demands, including leakage
  • Selection of user-defined groups, areas or whole models
  • Powerful graphing and reporting capabilities
  • Macro, micro and specialized leakage calibrations
  • Quick comparison of different calibration solutions

Key benefits of Calibration module

  • Field and SCADA data are quickly imported
  • Reference sets allow you to group data for time periods or areas
  • Application of reference sets individually or in groups
  • Easy creation of calibration runs
  • Choice of calibration methods allow you to evaluate sensitivity of an attribute
  • Storage of calibration results to base model or as scenario for future use

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