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Wave and tidal pre-construction energy assessment

Wave and tidal pre-construction energy assessment

Independent predictions of annual energy yields plus associated variability and uncertainties to boost investor confidence in your wave or tidal energy project.

The technical feasibility of wave and tidal power is being demonstrated through various projects around the world. Now, potential investors want to be sure of the financial viability of specific projects before they commit the necessary funds.

Our Pre-construction energy assessments for wave and tidal energy give you independent and globally trusted early insight into the economics of your project. Combining vast marine energy experience with industry-leading tools, we help you predict your project’s average annual energy yield plus seasonal, inter-annual and short term variability in energy output.

Crucially, we can also help you estimate the uncertainty in these predictions. So as well as indicating the potential annual income, you can help potential backers quantify the risks involved – enabling greater confidence and credibility in your project.

Predicting annual energy yields
Your comprehensive Pre-construction energy assessment includes:

  • In-depth Resource assessment services including:
    • Assessment of on-site measurements of your wave or tidal resource
    • Correlation with long-term datasets
  • Modelling the farm using WaveFarmer or TidalFarmer and resource data to calculate
    • Energy capture and output of each device
    • Array effects within the farm
  • Analysis of availability and other losses
  • In-depth uncertainty analysis to provide a central P50 estimate and P90 values

We have been involved in assessing the very first pre-commercial marine energy arrays and have project experience from over 200 completed wave and tidal energy jobs.

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