WaveDyn is DNV GL's indispensable wave energy modelling tool, allowing you to accurately analyse the performance of concept wave energy converter designs.

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Patrick James Rainey Patrick James Rainey
Bladed Product Manager

As the industry looks for more rigorously validated methods for calculating design loads ahead of machine certifications, more complex modelling is needed. Designers need to be able to simulate their designs under a number of different conditions, including maintenance, sea states (with varying weather, calm to extreme) and normal conditions. Complete load calculations are needed for prototype certification, which give an accurate idea of the loads on the machine under a wide range of different operating conditions.

WaveDyn is the first fully coupled simulation tool designed for wave energy. It allows you to simulate the performance and loading on a wave energy device. It enables you to model hydrodynamics calculations, and control and power take-off systems. Our WaveDyn numerical modelling tool also offers greater analysis of the structural design and more detailed design of each component in the structure.

There is a diverse range of devices in wave energy. So WaveDyn, a multi-body software tool, lets you build a model of your machine using a collection of different components covering a wide range of devices. 

WaveDyn’s calculation modules include:


  • Inclusion of first-order hydrodynamic loads
  • Diffraction, radiation and nonlinear hydrostatics
  • Processing of flow solver data output
  • Dedicated plug-ins to couple with commercial flow solvers

Power Take-Off (PTO) & Control

  • Explicit models and real system templates
  • Linear and non-linear formulations
  • Motion, force and moment constraints
  • Incorporation of internal PTO dynamic states
  • Built-in actuation, rectification and smoothing system models
  • Control logic, controller demands, transducer signals
  • Independent discrete time controller DLL interface
  • Direct drive template


  • Catenary systems and tension legs
  • Quasi-static formulation based on nonlinear force-displacement look-up tables
  • Mooring line damping forces
  • Verified against fully dynamic models and validated with experimental data

Deliverables include time series of data – covering loads, kinematic (motion) response (i.e. positions, velocities, and accelerations), simulation variables, control signals (measured and demanded control variables) and numerical modelling outputs.

Applying experience globally
WaveDyn is suitable for any wave farm challenge, anywhere in the world. Our experience is unparalleled – we have modelled more devices than any other company. WaveDyn provides you with the confidence to ensure that the modelling carried out is rigorous, thorough and accurate.