A powerful array planning tool that enables you to optimize wave farm designs to maximize energy yield and return on investment, whilst minimizing risks.

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Wave farms are a rapidly emerging renewable energy technology. Accurate predictions of a wave farm’s energy yield are key to reducing risk and promoting investor and stakeholder confidence. But the hydrodynamics of one wave power device can affect the output of other devices. Up to 25% of an array’s potential output can be lost through these interactions – so optimizing wave farm array design is essential to ensure project success.

Wave farm planning
DNV GL’s WaveFarmer is the industry’s first commercial software tool for wave farm array planning. It enables you to calculate and analyse a wave farm array’s electricity output. You can use WaveFarmer to:

  • Assess a project’s economic feasibility
  • Optimize the array design for maximum yield
  • Confirm yield predictions supplied by other parties
  • Ensure the final array design meets all pre-defined constraints

Proven results
WaveFarmer has been thoroughly tested and verified in a number of projects, including the £8m PerAwAT project. These tests show that it can

  • Improve accuracy of yield predictions
  • Mitigate output losses due to device interactions
  • Reduce project risk and uncertainties

In addition, we offer a range of associated services to support you in predicting energy yields.