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Wind turbine grid code compliance

wind turbine grid code compliance

Having your wind turbine designs validated by DNV GL’s Type Certification instills the utmost confidence in your customers.

To satisfy legislature and inspire customer confidence, you need to show that your wind turbines comply with the grid code. That means they must support the electrical grid during fault conditions as well as normal operation. However, specific requirements can vary from grid code to grid code, making ensuring compliance a complex challenge.

Our Grid Code Compliance services help you navigate that complexity. Our experience people work with you to establish evidence that your wind turbines are compatible with relevant grid code requirements. Successful compliance results in our Certification of Grid Code Compliance, documentary proof that your turbine can be connected to the grid with confidence.

Our team also keeps track of any changes in pertinent grid codes to ensure you have access to the most up-to-date compliance certification. We monitor all grid codes, collecting revisions, drafts and corresponding information. You can download a free copy of the International Grid Code Comparison Listing here. This allows us to extract requirements that are specifically relevant to the location where your wind farm is being established.

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Bernd Hinzer

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