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A DNV GL Type Certificate provides the verification of your wind turbine design.

In today’s energy market it’s crucial for wind turbine manufacturers to convince customers of their new design’s capability. You need to give them maximum assurance your design is up to specifications.

A DNV GL Type Certificate provides the verification of your wind turbine design. It provides independent proof of performance and safety in accordance with international standards and systems. It is invaluable in demonstrating your new design’s capabilities to your customers – because they see wind turbine type certification as a must.

Our experience in type certification for the wind turbine industry dates back to the 1980s. That gives us a unique capability to support you in all aspects of turbine type certification. Our independent certification services extend from initial evaluations, through type testing and measurements, to final evaluation.

In order to support our type certification service, DNV GL participates in international standardisation as well as in international harmonisation of certification schemes e.g. within IECRE.

The DNV GL globally recognised type certification schemes for wind turbines are described in the following DNV GL service specifications:

  • DNVGL-SE-0074, Type and component certification of wind turbines according to IEC 61400-22
  • DNVGL-SE-0441, Type and component certification of wind turbines

In addition, DNV GL offers type certification including additional national requirements for countries like Denmark and India as well as maintenance of existing type certificates according to old schemes like GL Guidelines (GL-IV-1 and GL-IV-2) and IEC WT 01.

In order to achieve global recognition by authorities and other stakeholders, the DNV GL type certification services are all accredited by the accreditation body DAkkS.

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