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Wind turbine warranty and verification testing

Warranty and verification testing

Comprehensive in-field warranty and verification testing ensures onshore wind turbines deliver optimal performance in any location.

Wind turbines are getting bigger and their control centres are getting more complicated. It’s more important than ever to test whether a turbine delivers its specified output and reaches the warranted power curve, while meeting respective grid code requirements. Any underperformance can lead to difficulties with grid integration, shortfalls in energy production and result in financial penalties for the manufacturer.

We offer extensive warranty and verification testing services for onshore wind turbines. They enable you to detect any under-performance and identify how to correct it – before the turbine comes online. Using our extensive collection of test data, coupled with our vast experience, we can also help you with site-specific optimization to ensure maximum performance in every location.

Comprehensive testing
Our complete range of testing services includes:

  • Wind turbine warranty testing
  • Wind testing verification testing
  • Wind turbine warranty yield testing
  • Wind turbine compliance testing

In addition, we support you in pre-measurement planning – helping you select the test site and construction managers. We also assist in project management, drawing on our extensive experience to ensure the most efficient testing process. 

A global reputation
Having tested over 800 turbines around the world, we have gained a global reputation for quality. So your customers have additional confidence that your turbines will perform as expected. We are fully accredited, and have worked with all active turbine manufactures.

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Luke J Simmons

Luke J Simmons

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