WindGEMINI digital twin for wind turbine operations

WindGEMINI online digital twin gives you 24/7 access to advanced wind turbine condition and performance analytics, enabling you to make informed wind operation decisions.

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As the wind industry matures, there is constant pressure to reduce costs and increase revenue. There is also little room for downtime and under performance can no longer be tolerated. As an industry, our challenges are to actively manage turbine performance and reduce downtime whilst simultaneously decreasing maintenance costs and extending the life of assets beyond their original design life.

The answer is in your data
WindGEMINI puts you firmly in control of the operation and maintenance of your wind assets. Developed by DNV GL’s wind energy experts, WindGEMINI is a digital twin which models different aspects of an operating wind turbine. Connected through Veracity, it uses a range of innovative algorithms and physics-based simulation models, including a fatigue life estimator and a structural integrity monitor, to analyse the vast amounts of SCADA data your turbines already collect and provide prognostic analytics and remaining life estimates for your turbines and their components. You can periodically review the results of this automated analysis. Alternatively, our engineers can perform this analysis on your behalf, providing you with additional feedback, insight and recommendations.

Advanced algorithms
WindGemini utilises advanced algorithms to monitor turbine integrity, performance and life:

  1. Power curve performance watchdog: DNV GL’s artificial intelligence algorithms analyse SCADA data to identify changes in turbine performance, incorrect turbine control settings and sub-optimal conditions, so that these can be corrected to increase top line revenue.
  2. Drivetrain failure prognostics: By analysing turbine temperature, this module identifies patterns indicative of incipient failure modes and raises alerts that can be used by owners and operators to avoid failures, optimise inspections and reduce downtime.
  3. Pattern of production analysis: Through monitoring the relative variation in production between turbines (and how this pattern changes over time), it’s possible to identify performance outliers and degradation in turbine performance, and correct these errors to increase production.
  4. Structural integrity monitoring: Ingesting higher frequency SCADA data from standard turbine interfaces, frequency analysis algorithms detect rotor imbalance and foundation degradation. Minimising these issues saves additional operations & maintenance costs, increases energy capture and extends turbine life.
  5. Turbine life estimator: Leveraging both the operational SCADA data and DNV GL’s physics-based simulation models, this module calculates fatigue accumulation of the main structural components. This provides an estimate of the remaining life of a turbine and helps to identify opportunities to extend life or upgrade turbines.
  6. Long-term production estimator: By correlating historical production, availability and performance of the wind farm with long-term wind references, this module provides a long-term production estimate that can be used in budgetary outlooks.

More algorithms are currently under development. These include an online long-term production module which correlates historical production, availability and performance of a wind farm with long-term wind references to provide P50/P90 production forecasts.

Flexible access
WindGEMINI automatically generates metrics that are accessible 24/7 through Veracity. Separate analyst and asset manager views allow your team of analysts to quickly review the automated reports from your wind farms and publish important information to the asset manager dashboard.

Better, faster decisions
The metrics generated by WindGEMINI provide key information to optimise servicing and inspections, plan repairs or replacements thus minimising downtime and lost revenue, and help to inform your financial modelling and strategic decision-making processes with a realistic indication of the condition of your assets – so that you can make better and faster decisions.

Experience you can rely on
Wind farm management is increasingly becoming a data-driven activity. WindGEMINI is part of this drive towards a more digital future and builds on the expertise of leading DNV GL experts in renewable energy to provide an affordable, reliable and independent solution. Our Turbine Engineering Support team have acquired more than 25 years of experience in the design of wind turbines, contributing to the design and analysis of hundreds of wind turbine models. Our Asset Operations & Management team have extensive knowledge of wind turbine operations, having assessed more than 50 GW of onshore and offshore wind plant worldwide. WindGEMINI brings together our combined knowledge to ensure that your assets are managed more efficiently, cost effectively and safely.