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WindHelm and SunHelm portfolio management software

WindHelm and SunHelm

A single system for monitoring, reporting and analysis across your entire wind and solar portfolio.

Monitoring and reporting on a portfolio of wind and solar farms can be a real challenge, especially if you run sites with different technologies, manufacturers and locations. This increases both the need for and difficulty of effective management.

Our WindHelm and SunHelm portfolio management software can take the load off. It offers a single platform for monitoring, optimizing and controlling any combination of wind and solar PV installations, across any number of farms. WindHelm and SunHelm gives you uniform access to and analysis of SCADA data for all your projects. This facilitates intelligent operational decisions, therefore maximizing availability, efficiency, production and financial return.

With WindHelm and SunHelm, you can see the current status, collect data and produce reports for your entire portfolio. They automate the whole process, freeing up your people to do the more in-depth analysis.

Choose your level of effort
You can use WindHelm and SunHelm in one of two ways – depending on your resources and how hands-on you want to be in your portfolio management.

Firstly, we can install and configure systems at your site, allowing you to do your own monitoring. We provide comprehensive, ongoing support to help you get the most out of your portfolio management.

Alternatively, you can opt for a hosted solution. We look after the running of the system but you have complete access to all its data and capabilities via the web.

In either case, you can take advantage of a range of additional support services ranging from help in setting up reports through to having us carry out your reporting and analysis.

Comprehensive functionality

  • Monitoring
    • SCADA-based condition monitoring
    • Event information via web browser or email
    • Monitor multiple wind and/or solar farms at different locations
  • Reporting – can be delivered daily, weekly or monthly and includes reporting on:
    • Availability
    • Downtime by fault code and component type
    • Performance
    • Comparison of production against budget
  • Investigative analysis

A proven performer
WindHelm and SunHelm draws on all our extensive know-how gathered as the world’s largest independent SCADA provider, offering the broadest portfolio of services. It has been rigorously field tested; proving its benefits in over 120 wind farms comprising more than 5000 turbines and 7 GW of generation capacity. 

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