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DNV GL is an experienced independent third-party for the supervision, coordination and/or witnessing of the complete range of commissioning tests for new and refurbished power plants.

Commissioning tests are a vital step in the realisation of new or refurbished power plants. DNV GL can act as a trusted and independent third-party to ensure the power plant is fit-for-purpose and delivers value for money.

Drawing on a wealth of experience, our consultants will review your commissioning test procedures and suggest improvements where necessary. They can coordinate and supervise the commissioning as well as witness or validate commissioning tests to check they are carried out according to the agreed procedures, and provide an independent, third-party opinion on the results.

If required, DNV GL can act as an arbitrator between the contractor and customer in any dispute arising from the commissioning. Our independent report can be used for the hand-over of the plant to the client after all tests are satisfactorily completed.

Our team of experts has experience in plant operations and maintenance, and can witness the complete commissioning including dry testing, functional testing, system testing, trial runs, performance testing and take-over tests.

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Ronald Meijer

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