Witnessing of HV tests

DNV GL provides inspection services to witness electrical high voltage component tests in manufacturers’ laboratories.

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Ronald Gruntjes Ronald Gruntjes
Head of Section High Voltage Laboratory
Inspection Services: Witnessing HV Tests

With constant innovation in the manufacturing of high-voltage components for the transmission and distribution of electricity, component testing needs to keep pace. And manufacturers need to be able to assure customers that their testing is carried out to the highest standards. Our inspection services offer this reassurance by witnessing testing at your facility.

DNV GL’s experienced inspectors have extensive knowledge in the field of high voltage testing. Their independent inspection means both manufacturers and their customers can depend on the correctness of the tests, and customers can have confidence that the tested components meet their requirements.

Internationally recognized reports We offer inspection services for Type Testing and Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs) according to internationally recognized standards, and for tests conducted to your specific requirements. Inspections can be carried out at any manufacturing, university or laboratory facility that complies with international test standards.

Having witnessed your tests, we provide a KEMA Inspection Report. These reports are recognized and trusted throughout the industry worldwide.