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Workplace EMF assessments

Workplace EMF assessment

DNV GL offers a uniquely comprehensive EMF assessment including measurements of EMF, mitigation advice and training/communication for workers

Comprehensive package of assessment, mitigation recommendations and training to reduce EMF exposure for your staff and ensure your workplace meets regulations
Concerns about the health impact of electromagnetic fields (EMF) have given rise to a number of standards about exposure limits. EU Directive 2013/35/EU and similar national workplace regulations specify the minimum health and safety requirements you need to follow regarding workers’ exposure to EMF. Taking actions to ensure that a new site or existing workplace meets the requirements can be expensive: you need clear information about exposure levels and sources.

Compliance and action points
DNV GL’s EMF Assessment services provide a one-stop shop to help you make certain you comply with all the relevant guidelines and recommendations. That includes:

  • equipment and workplace classification
  • measuring or calculating the EMF from all relevant sources in your workplace
  • recommending specific measures to mitigate workers’ exposure
  • recommending additional specific measures to protect workers at particular risk, e.g. workers with medical implants 
  • training and education on the health and safety effects of EMF exposure

This complete package of services ensures everyone at your workplace understands the risks associated with EMF. They also learn about their own personal role in limiting exposure through concrete suggestions on how to change their work practices.

A complete, customised package
Thanks to our broad range of expertise, you receive a unique combination of technical measurements or calculations, (medical and social) health and safety insights, communication and education. This helps you ensure your efforts are being fully adopted at all levels. So you can ensure your compliance today, but also in the future.

What’s more, having carried out numerous EMF Assessment projects across energy and industry sectors, we can customise your assessment package to your specific needs. For example in addition to general recommendations for workers in general, we can tailor suggestions for individuals with specific requirements such as those with medical devices or implants (e.g. pacemakers and ICD’s).

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