How will Synergi Life help streamline regulatory compliance initiatives?

QHSE and enterprise risk management

Synergi™ Life is one of the leading software solutions for QHSE and enterprise risk management.

With Synergi Life' QHSE software solution you can track, create and keep records of all findings, events and exposures in compliance with several recognized standards, legislations, recommendations and industry best practices. All modules in Synergi Life have elements of securing compliance with regulations, protocols and standards. Moreover, it helps you set higher internal standards for environmental sustainability and occupational safety. Market-dependent regulations such as RIDDOR, OHSAS and others are supported.

Synergi Life's modules include incident reporting, activity based management, anonymous incident management, audit programs, bow tie analysis, deviation management, environmental risk assessment, strategy implementation, behaviour-based safety, risk assessment app, quality management and risk management.

What can Synergi Life do for your company?

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