Webinar video: Facility ratings for a dynamic grid

Knowing the limits of your grid without breaking the limits of the business

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The growth of large scale renewable energy and distributed generation, along with aging infrastructure, is creating more dynamic conditions within the grid.

With a range of stakeholders, from the utility asset owners/operators, third party power producers and consumers, to regulatory and compliance bodies, the challenge of meeting the requirements of each is complicating the already difficult task of balancing compliance requirements with technical and business needs.

In this webinar we will cover some of the common compliance situations that T&D utilities are facing, best practices and references to how utilities are improving their ability to manage and maximize facility ratings without breaking the limits of compliance.

Topics included in the webinar:

  • Common compliance challenges, such as data management and consistency and stakeholder coordination and audit readiness
  • Best practices for data management
  • Unified rating methodology across multiple operating companies
  • Increased audit-readiness with centralized data
  • Smoother business process for manging facility ratings across multiple departments and stakeholders
  • Digital solutions, for example LOAD Facility Ratings Management System, to consider for success