Webinar: Control room operator training systems, capabilities and management

Ensure your safe and efficient pipeline operator performance
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Are you confident that your pipeline controllers are fully trained to recognize and respond effectively to emergency situations? Do you know how they will respond in abnormal operating conditions?  

As part of DNV GL’s effort to assist the oil and gas pipeline industry manage the increasing demand for operational efficiency, control room operator training, and regulatory compliance requirements, we’d like to invite you to an informative webinar focused on control room operator training systems, capabilities and management. Control room training systems have become a critical component in oil and gas pipeline operations and an effective tool in improving change management throughout the pipeline lifecycle.  

This recorded webinar highlights best practices from a 15+ year customer who shares their experience using the Trainer module and their benefits gained.  

The agenda also focuses on:  

• An introduction to operator training systems 
• Operator training system functionality for both distribution and transmission systems 
• Management and maintenance of an operator training system 
• Benefits realized beyond operator training 
• Q & A  

By watching this recording, you will learn more about how you can simulate and use your system before it goes live and incorporate practices that will help you reduce the risk of human error and increase your operational efficiencies. 

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