The digital asset ecosystem

A new generation of advanced predictive analytics and asset data management

Digital asset ecosystem

Open platform for seamless collaboration and analytics

The integration of asset analytics applications and reuse of data between different types of analyses provides the foundation of more collaborative, effective and innovative way of working with models in real time. The digital asset ecosystem, a platform for seamless collaboration, delivers services and results digitally.

Data smart

The digital asset ecosystem is a network of interconnecting and interacting data, software and hardware relating to system or assets (pipelines, structures, processing plants, ships and electric grids). As a data custodian, the ecosystem collects, cleans, aligns and quality assures data. The data can be from many sources, e.g. from conventional sources such as asset databases, structural analyses, inspection and environmental data, as well as from connected equipment and sensors (the Internet of Things), in addition to unstructured data sources, including social and news media streams, email, reports and documents.

Making your asset smarter with digital twin
Data smart asset solutions

Digital twin

With the digital asset ecosystem you will have the most up-to-date information to use for optimizing performance and delivering business results. Central to the ecosystems is our digital twin, a virtual image of your asset that brings experts together on one platform. The digital twin will provide powerful insight and analytics, helping you make better decisions.

Digital twin - Data smart asset solutions