The digital asset ecosystem

A new generation of advanced predictive analytics and asset data management

Plant ecosystem
Plant ecosystem

Plant ecosystem

Our digital asset ecosystem for process plants provides a holistic view of asset health with data sharing, visualization and integration with third party systems. At the heart of the plant integrity lifecycle is a robust and configurable system with data shared between lifecycle stages, from front-end engineering and design (FEED) to operations.

In the operational phase, RAM analysis and predictive analytics combine to affect integrity management strategies, ultimately leading to actionable insight and efficiency gains. Areas covered include process plant performance management, plant integrity and process safety, risk and reliability.

Plant integrity management
Software for plant integrity management

Plant integrity management software

The next generation plant maintenance software solution, offering a complete plan-do-check-act approach for managing asset integrity, risk quantitatively or qualitatively and has been used by customers operating upstream and downstream process plants and offshore platforms in more than 20 countries. Synergi Plant is part of DNV GL's asset performance management (APM) offering. You can capture, integrate and visualize data, and further integrate with analytical tools such as reliability-centered maintenance (RCM), risk-based inspection (RBI), performance forecasting (RAM analysis) and safety integrity level (SIL) improving the reliability of assets.

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Phast - process hazard analysis software
Process hazard analysis

Process hazard analysis in the process industries

Phast is the world's most comprehensive process hazard analysis software tool for all stages of design and operation in the process industry. Phast examines the progress of a potential incident from the initial release to far-field dispersion including modelling of pool spreading and evaporation, and flammable and toxic effects.

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Phast Lite is a basic software tool for consequence analysis and dispersion analysis
An entry level hazard analysis tool

An entry level hazard analysis tool

Phast Lite is a tailored version of Phast, designed to meet the needs of users who do not require the full functionality of Phast. Phast Lite uses the same discharge, dispersion analysis and effects models as the full version of Phast.

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QRA software for pipeline risk analysis
Quantitative risk analysis

Quantitative risk analysis

Safeti is the user-friendly industry standard software tool for carrying out Quantitative Risk Assessments (QRA) of onshore process, chemical and petrochemical facilities. Safeti analyses complex consequences from accident scenarios, taking account of local population and weather conditions, to quantify the risks associated with the release of hazardous chemicals. Safeti allows you to quickly identify major risk contributors, allowing you to take action to mitigate those risks.

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Quantitative risk assessment tools are available in Safeti Lite
Baseline tool for quantitative risk assessment

Baseline tool for quantitative risk assessment

Safeti Lite software offers a direct approach to conducting basic Quantitative Risk Analysis with an emphasis on traditional outputs of risk contours and FN curves.

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Computational fluid dynamics - Kameleon FireEx - KFX
CFD simulation with Kameleon FireEx - KFX

CFD simulation

Our leading computational fluid dynamics (CFD simulation - KFX) simulator is a tool for advanced solutions to industrial problems related to dispersion of hazardous matter, fire and explosion safety.

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Safeti Offshore QRA is a methodology that can be used to improve offshore safety
Offshore safety and offshore QRA

Offshore safety and offshore QRA

Safeti Offshore is a game changer for process safety analysts in the offshore oil and gas industry. Built on DNV GL’s long history providing market leading tools and services in the oil and gas safety and regulatory compliance domain, Safeti Offshore brings together a broad spectrum of capabilities into a single world-leading QRA software tool tailored to the challenges posed by offshore installations and offshore safety. From parts counts and likelihood analysis to complex fire and explosion modelling, mustering and escape, Safeti Offshore provides efficient tools within a complete solution for offshore risk analysis.

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Maros - RAM analysis software for upstream oil and gas assets
RAM analysis for upstream oil and gas

RAM analysis for upstream oil and gas

Maros is an advanced RAM analysis (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability) tool specifically developed for the upstream oil and gas industry. It includes extensive features for modelling flow networks, maintenance strategies, typical upstream oil and gas operations, transport logistics and storage tanks.

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Maros Lite RAM analysis tool for basic reliability, availability, maintainability studies
Reliability modelling and maintainability analysis

Reliability modelling and maintainability analysis

Maros Lite is a cost-effective and entry-level solution for basic reliability studies and modelling to represent real life scenarios, allowing you to analyse and improve production efficiency. It is based on the Maros and Taro simulator.

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Chemical process software from DNV GL - Taro
Refinery design and petrochemical plant process

Refinery design and petrochemical plant process

With Taro you can model complex process plant systems and make optimal decisions on refinery design, operation and maintenance based on quantitative performance analysis.

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