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Distribution analysis and optimization

The electric distribution grid has become increasingly complex in recent years, with technical advances in distributed energy resources, grid automation, demand side management, smart meters and VAR control devices. Effective modelling of these complexities requires an intuitive software solution that can adapt to ever-increasing technical advances, with a high tolerance for less than perfect data.

Power engineers play a critical role in making CAPEX and OPEX decisions while considering risk, reliability, system performance and cost.  Synergi Electric provides a comprehensive set of tools to support these business critical decisions, all in a single model.

Synergi Electric software for electric grid and performance
Synergi Electric - Electrical simulation software

Synergi Electric - Power distribution system and electrical simulation software

Synergi Electric software models and analyses power distribution systems in a real world spatial environment in full detail from the substation to the customer. Synergi provides power engineers the flexibility to model their systems over a 10-year period down to the second on radial, looped and mesh network systems on multiple voltages and configurations.

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