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Design of offshore floaters includes both sea-keeping and structural analysis. Sesam has had these capabilities for many years, supported by data transfer from hydrodynamic to structural analysis.

From the common model, different analysis models (hydrodynamic, strength and local models) are created for use in hydrodynamic analysis and FE analysis. Sesam allows for differences in the analysis models and will ensure a correct data transfer of the wave loads. The design includes code checking and fatigue, often based on screening studies followed by local models. Changes are always made to the common model, leading to automatic updates throughout the analysis, facilitating rapid design iterations. Sesam for design of floaters is based on the well-proven finite element methodology (FEM) and radiation/diffraction theory for hydrodynamic analysis. Mooring lines and flexible risers may also be included in order to accurately calculate the motion characteristics. The concept modelling technique allows for easy changes of the hull and topsides, making it ideal to use also in the operational stage. Typical changes can be corrosion addition, structural configuration and live loads.

Floating structure design and modification with Sesam
Floating structure design and modification with Sesam

Floating structure design and modification - Sesam for floating structures

Sesam is the market-leading software for hydrostatic, hydrodynamic and strength analyses of ships and floating offshore structures. With Sesam we help naval architects and engineers working with floating structure design and modification efficiently produce high quality hydrodynamic analyses with automatic load transfer to give an accurate prediction of resulting deformation and stresses. It is also possible to do intact and damaged stability analysis in accordance with common Codes of Practice.

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