Operational risk and performance

Enterprise risk management including QHSE and asset integrity, simulation and optimization

Risk management software - Synerg Life
Operational risk and performance
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QHSE and risk management

A major contributor to industry incidents and major risk events is human behaviour. Seemingly small incidents, near-incidents or process excursions are leading indicators of increased operational risk levels and are critical in the quantification of the risk impact. Synergi Life provides the platform upon which to record, track and respond to such incidents and makes a major contribution to reducing operational risk relating both to human safety and environmental impact.

Your benefits

  • Manages all QHSE non-conformances, incidents, risk, risk analyses, audits, assessments and improvement suggestions
  • Supports operators in multiple industries including oil and gas, hospitals and healthcare
  • By improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the incident management processes, the solution will create synergies, reduce costs  and improve business performance
QHSE and risk management software – Synergi Life
QHSE management system

Synergi Life - QHSE and risk management software

With Synergi Life software you have all the tools you need to manage QHSE non-conformances, incidents, risk, risk analyses, audits, assessments and improvement suggestions. Synergi Life's enterprise risk management system is used by over 350 companies worldwide, with more than 750,000 users globally, across a number of industries and businesses, such as energy, healthcare, transport, local government, construction and more.

Software for QHSE and risk management