MAPS Viewer - Dial Before You Dig

MAPS Viewer - 'Dial Before You Dig' or 'Safe Digging' services are provided by each Network Owner


It is of critical importance that the relevant Network Owner's office is contacted before any work is carried out in the vicinity of any plant, to obtain copies of the latest plans.

These services MUST be contacted before digging takes place.

Please click the links in the list below for details of the service and contact points for each Network Owner.

  • Cadent Gas Limited (EA, EM, LN, NW, WM)
  • National Grid (UKT)
  • Northern Gas Networks (NO, YO)
  • Scotia Gas Networks (SC, SE, SO)
  • Wales & West Utilities (SW, WA)
MAPS Viewer - dial before you dig
Dial Before You Dig