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Green Coastal Shipping Program

Norway establishes the world’s most efficient and environmentally friendly coastal shipping

How containerships win tomorrow: Size, renewable energy and digitalization

The containership segment faces an entirely new set of technological challenges: Transport more goods while using less energy ‒ and ultimately, decarbonize. Two DNV GL experts explain how this could be achieved.

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Global Opportunity Explorer

The world’s largest collection of vetted and verified sustainable solutions

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Leading the charge

Batteries are powering a new wave in ship engineering

  • Governments

Best practices for sustainability, climate action and resilience

Traditional utilities and energy providers explore new opportunities with cities to achieve environmental sustainability, energy security, resilience and economic development. Read our report to gain insight into the actions of this transition.

Twenty years of corporate sustainability progress – what next for businesses?

DNV GL's report for the UN Global Compact 'Uniting Business in the Decade of Action' looks at two decades of corporate sustainability progress, concluding that companies need to accelerate from decades of ambition to a Decade of Action.

The shift of trust from brands to products

M&A and Digital Transformation Director Renato Grottola on how to communicate the honest and true story directly with consumers through a product.

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Standards for change?

Why we should consider climate change adaptation standards as part of the climate governance toolkit

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Alternative fuels and technologies

LNG, LPG, methanol, biofuel, hydrogen and other power-to-fuel (PtF) solutions are the most promising alternative fuels for shipping

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Saving lives in unpredictable times

Data-led solutions for managing risk before, during and after an emergency

Nine principles of sustainable ocean practices

The ocean offers a new economic frontier. Yet our health, and that of our whole ecosystem, is dependent on mutually maintaining the ocean’s health and utilizing its potential.

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The Sustainable Development Goals and business

Target-setting, collaboration and inspiration

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Does Occupational Health & Safety matter?

Companies are facing increased pressure from stakeholders to ensure occupational health and safety issues along their supply chains

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Tomorrow's value

Rethinking performance assessments for businesses