Changing Cities in a Changing Climate

Systems Thinking: A Foundation for Resilience

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Alexander Flesjø Christiansen Alexander Flesjø Christiansen
Principal Researcher
Libby, Bradd Bradd Libby
Senior Researcher
Changing Cities

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In this new position paper, 'Changing Cities in a Changing Climate', DNV GL presents SURF, the 'Systems and Urban Resilience Framework.' SURF is a methodology for building the resilience of cities to climate-related disruptions. We examine urban areas from the perspective of their ecological system, structural system, socioeconomic system and governance system. Using this framework, we combine systems thinking, simulation and data to devise tools that help communities adapt and build resilience to climate change.

We present three case studies: one concerning flooding and drought in Bangkok, one dealing with extreme rainfall disaster preparedness in Amsterdam, and third investigating the effects of San Francisco Bay sea level rise on the Silicon Valley. In each case, a digital climate service solution shows how these urban areas can build their resilience to climate change.

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