Ocean Space

Objective: To position DNV GL at the forefront of new ocean industries

A wide ocean and blue sky
DNV GL has been in the “ocean space” industry for more than 150 years within maritime and oil&gas, and are now exploring new ocean industries, both biological (food, ingredients, and pharmaceutical) and non-biological (minerals and hydrocarbons).

The research programme on Group level focus on three main themes:

  • Offshore Food Production 
  • Ocean Stewardship
  • Ocean subsurface resources
The “Offshore food production” project will focus on offshore fish farms in exposed environments. Current challenges related to competition for acreage, lice and environmental waste has lead the industry to explore the potential for offshore food production, either in exposed coastal areas or ocean areas. This will require novel innovations and new technology, through new offshore structures and vessels, new operational procedures, more automation and autonomy.

The “Ocean stewardship” project will explore ways the industry can use digitalization, new technology and new models to monitor and manage the environmental status and sustainable health of the oceans.

The “Ocean subsurface resources” project will explore new industrial opportunities related to both deep sea mining of minerals as well as hydrocarbons (e.g. methane hydrates).