Precision medicine

Improving safety and quality in healthcare by enabling precision medicine in clinical work

Precision medicine is an emerging approach that uses big data for diagnosis and to tailor interventions to a specific individual.

Despite major achievements in scientific research, substantial challenges to its broad implementation in clinical practice remain. 

Clinical implementation will address data-sharing and infrastructure needs, legal and regulatory challenges, developing pathways for incorporating genomic information into clinical care and research, the health-economic impact of precision medicine, while securing stakeholder engagement and trust. The integration of big data for more precise medicine may result in radical changes to the patient journey and the choice of interventions for individual patients. Impacts may include:

  • Increased speed and accuracy, and reduced cost, in diagnosis
  • Interventions based on individual biology rather than populations
  • Development of new and more effective drugs
  • Increased overall efficiency for healthcare providers
  • Reduced costs for society at large

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Bobbie Nicole Ray-Sannerud

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