Climate Action Programme

Addressing the effects of climate change for business and society

climate chnage infrastructure

We are building unique risk-based approaches to climate change adaptation and strategies for the transition to a low carbon future. Our research is closely aligned with DNV GL services related to mitigation, renewable energy, standards, assurance and risk management.

We work towards a better understanding of the risks and opportunities for business and society presented by unavoidable climate change impacts and the transition to a sustainable future.

Global climate change is already resulting in observable impacts on natural and human systems.  Managing the risks of climate change involves both adaptation and mitigation decisions to safeguard life, property and the environment. DNV GL's research programme for Climate Action focuses on developing customized climate-related tools, products, guidance, and information to enable the low-carbon energy transition and risk-based decision making for integrating climate issues into core business and management, including resilience, adaptation and disaster management.