Climate Action Programme

Addressing the effects of climate change for business and society

Bent Erik Bakken

Senior Principal Scientist

Professor Bent Erik Bakken heads the Energy Transition Dynamics project.

His current work explores the interfaces within and between the green energy transition and energy-dependent organizations. He is an expert on designing models of complex systems, and using them for interactive simulations to drive successful strategic transformations in various societal sectors. 

Bakken's experience includes a research directorship at the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment and VP of Management Consulting at the Atkins (then named TerraMar) project risk management consultancy. Holding degrees in Management and Policy Sciences, including a PhD in System Dynamics from MIT, he has also studied Psychology and Business Economics at the Universities of Oslo and Lausanne. He is a former head of the Operations Research Society of Norway and a current member of the System Dynamics Society. Bakken has published dozens of articles and (co-) authored two books. He is also adjunct professor of behavioral science at Oslo University College of Applied Sciences.

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