Behaviour Based Safety

Course about the importance of human behaviour when reacting to a crisis situation.

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After participating in this course you will have gained a broad understanding of how seafarer’s behaviour can affect safety and appreciate the benefits of implementing a quality BBS policy in your company.

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Who should attend:
On shore and on board personnel involved in operations, maintenance and other support areas. Furthermore, safety practitioners, safety specialists, human resources managers can highly benefit from this course.

Duration: 1 day

Safety research, over the last century, has revealed that human error is the prime contributing factor to the majority of casualties in the maritime industry. From the accident of the Titanic to that of the Costa Concordia, it seems that seafarers are apt to behave according to the “wrong” mental model during critical situations.
Although the introduction of new technology in the shipping industry aims at improving a ships’ competitiveness and reducing the occurrence of unwanted incidents, seafarers seem not to follow the same rhythm of evolution, due to human limitations.
BBS is a modern answer to this challenge in the maritime domain. It is an evolving process that uses positive reinforcement to change unsafe behaviour on the part of the individual and improve safety performance, as part of a positive safety culture.
In this course you will work through the full scope of BBS to optimize your own attitude and behavioural style which can make a real difference in terms of enhancing safety in critical situations.

The course focuses on:

  • The generic structure of BBS
  • The various tools of BBS
  • Identifying safe and unsafe behavior
  • Motivating seafarers towards safe behavior
  • Critical error reduction techniques
  • Safety intervention techniques
  • Different ways to introduce BBS in your organization

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