Communicating and Leading Effectively

Training course focusing on communication strategies and leadership.

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    Business skills


This course gives you the opportunity to evaluate and reflect on the communication strategies you are currently using in your role as a leader. You will be introduced to some new approaches that may be more effective in handling certain people or situations and have the chance to try them out for yourself. You will leave the course feeling better equipped to manage tricky team situations and more secure in your ability to deal with them thanks to the insights and new tools that you have learnt.

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Who should attend:
Managers and future managers working in the maritime industry

Duration: 1 days

Communicating effectively with the people around us is the most vital skill we can acquire regardless of where we are operating, in an office, on board a vessel or in our personal lives. This course introduces the participants to the basic mechanisms of communication and highlights how easily our messages can be misunderstood if we are not aware of all the elements that are being transmitted both verbally and non-verbally each time we enter into an exchange. Strong communication skills enable us to build and foster our relationships, as well as strengthen and motivate our teams. When we communicate we not only generate ideas and exchange facts, we also transmit emotions, build trust and create consensus, if we do it right. In fact, communicating well is a key skill when leading your team and this workshop will make sure that you are on the right track to doing it effectively. After this first course you may be keen to explore these topics further. Additional courses can be tailored for the individual needs of your team or your company. Please consult us for details of further courses we can offer.

The course focuses on:

  • The basic mechanisms of communication
  • Communicating as a leader
  • The demands of simple and complex leadership
  • Situational leadership
  • How you are perceived through your communication style
  • How to clarify roles and expectations
  • How to avoid misunderstandings
  • How to give constructive feedback

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