Developing a Welding Procedure Specification (WPS)

Training course on development of a WPS and preparation for the subsequent welding procedure qualification test.

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To be able to develop a Welding Procedure Specificaton correctly and be prepared for the subsequent welding procedure qualification test.

Entrance regulations

Basic welding knowledge (Welding Processes, Welding Consumables, Preheating, Weld Preparation) and knowledge of English

Who should attend:
Yard: Design Engineers (Naval Architects), Production Manager, Engineers, Quality Manager; Supplier (M&C): Engineers, Quality Manager; Industry and Service Provider: Quality Manager, Foremen, Welding supervisors, Welding coordinators, Experienced welders

Duration: 2 days

International standards as well as shipbuilding rules, for e.g. steel structures, pressure vessels, pipes and pressure equipment, require qualified welding procedure specifications (WPS) in advance of the production of such welded structures. The main focus of this course is how to prepare a WPS and it is aimed at all supervisory staff involved in welding.
Preparing a WPS is not as complicated as it seems. The course will demonstrate how welding coordinators can easily and effectively fulfil the requirements of international standards and shipbuilding rules.
Participants in this course will learn how to fill in a template for a WPS properly. If this template is used any WPS developed in future by the course participants will be accepted by third party organisations and customers without complaints.
After a theoretical introduction of each standard the course participants will make practical use of them during the course. They will make their own preheating calculations based on “real life” examples. Welding consumables for specific welding jobs will be chosen from manufacturer’s handbooks. Participants will develop their own WPS which they can discuss with the trainer and learn about the subsequent mechanical and non-destructive tests.

The course focuses on:

  • Welding Processes including numbering system according to ISO 4063
  • Grouping System for Materials acc. to ISO/TR 15608
  • Welding Positions acc. to ISO 6947
  • Weld Preparation acc. to ISO 9692
  • Hydrogen-induced cracking of steel welded joints
  • Choosing the correct welding consumable
  • Determination of Preheating and Interpass Temperature
  • Heat Input Calculation
  • Non Destructive and Mechanical Tests
  • Drafting a WPS acc. to ISO 15609
  • Qualifying a WPS acc. to ISO 15614

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