Dry Docking - Survey Simulator Practice

Training to prepare for dry docking of ships

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    Survey simulators


The purpose of this training is to prepare you for dry docking of ships, improve the quality of your inspections of underwater part of ships and improve your ability to evaluate the criticality of defects and properly plan repairs. During the course you will learn about the typical hull and machinery damages found during dry dockings.

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Who should attend:
Technical Managers, Fleet Managers, Superintendents, Ship Officers and Engineers, Ship repair yards technical staff, Hull Inspectors, Hull Designers, UTM Operators, any ship or shore technical staff

Duration: 2 days

The course consists of a lecture and practical exercises using a Survey Simulator Software.

The course focuses on:

  • Ship's hull global and local strength
  • Bottom survey schemes and schedules
  • Preparation to dry docking
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements (UTM)
  • Damages to underwater part of hull
  • Rudder damages
  • Propeller and propeller shaft damages
  • Acceptance of criteria
  • In-water bottom survey
  • Interactive exercises using Survey Simulator

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